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Copyediting/Line Editing

With over 35 years of Copyediting/Line Editing experience, our copy editors will edit your manuscript thoroughly and carefully with a focus on: organization, structure, transitions, redundancy, awkward construction, excessive use of passive voice, wordiness, logic, tone, and more. » Learn more

Book Cover Design

We pride ourselves on making it easy for authors to get published with a minimal learning curve. Maybe you’re a writer and not an artist. How do you get a book cover designed? Don’t know any graphic artists? We have experienced graphic artists on staff who have been working in the advertising » Learn more


Proofreading is customarily the last stage for a manuscript after it has been copyedited. This is that final step, that last review of your manuscript before it’s published. If you have invested in yourself and your manuscript by enlisting the services of a Write Hand Services professional copy editor,» Learn more

Manuscript Analysis

One facet of editing is an objective Manuscript Analysis of the project. To give you some idea of what this report contains, we have enclosed a few items detailed in it. This analysis report is estimated at a basic hourly rate. Basic Text Statistics – see below. » Learn more

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Good Book Cover Design

Editing, copyediting, line editing, book cover design, author services

Authors tend to think of the book cover as the wrapper that goes around their work of art, but in reality, it’s the packaging that sells the work, not the other way around. Some authors think because they are creative with a word processor or that their third grade teacher told them their drawing has […]

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